A list of Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is Conquer Gods?

Conquer Gods is a private server for the MMORPG "Conquer Online" developed by TQ Digital / NetDragon. It is based on an older version of the game (Conquer 1.0 / Classic Conquer) which was released and ran from 2003 - 2006.
This server is based on the patch right prior to 2.0. The interface we use is 2.0 (it's cleaner), however the game client and server are completely based on 1.0 .

The server is hosted in Montreal, Canada.

Server Information

  • Maximum player level: 130
  • Maximum item plus: +9
  • Maximum Rebirth: 1st RB
  • Experience: 2.5x
  • Drop Rates: 2.5-3.5x
  • Socket Rates: Normal
  • Character Classes: Trojan, Warrior, Archer, Taoist
  • Maximum Item Levels:
    • Weapons: 130
    • Armor: 120
    • Headgear: 120
    • Earrrings: 112
    • Rings: 110 (Attack), 113 (Dexterity)
    • Boots: 120
    • Necklace: 112
    • Taoist Bag: 112
    • Taoist Bracelet: 115

There are no CPs, battlepower, lottery, etc.

Where can I find the Game Rules?

You can find an overview of our Game Rules here: https://wiki.conquergods.com/game-rules

What are the donations / store items?

The store is currently implemented but it is also still being worked on.

Cosmetic Items

We will be selling cosmetic items such as garments and weapon souls (graphics only, no extra attributes).
These cosmetic items can be bought in-game with Cosmetic Tokens. You can find these in our Store.


VIP is an add-on service that players can purchase monthly, but it is not required. Is is our belief that VIP should not provide any player with any significant advantages, but should instead aid/assist them in their day to day in-game activities.

Proposed VIP Benefits

  • Remote Teleport: Ability to teleport to any city, same as a TP scroll
  • Item Drop Notifications: Improved item notifications which warn you when a super, +1, dragonball, etc item dropped.
    • Note: You can already see quality and + values on items on the ground without being VIP. This feature merely assists you by giving you visual cues (such as an animation on the item and a message in the middle of the screen)
  • Remote Warehouse View: Ability to view all your warehouses from anywhere
  • Remote Warehouse Deposit/Withdraw (Market Only) - You will be able to deposit / withdraw items from any warehouse as long as you are in market.
  • Remote Meteor Packing - You can pack your meteors where ever you are.
    • Note: This feature already exists in the game, but you have to go to market to pack your meteors.

More information: https://wiki.conquergods.com/features/vip

Dragon Ball Sales

The buying of Dragon Balls is not possible. We want to keep it fair for everyone else and prevent pay to win.