Custom Client Resolution

Details on the Custom Client Resolution feature


You can change the game client resolution to any resolution you want! However, since this is an old client, it's not as easy as newer game clients.


The minimum resolution is 1024x768. The maximum supported resolution is 1920x1080, however you may go beyond that but there could be potential bugs.

Changing the resolution (Method 1 - Easy)

  1. Start the Conquer Gods launcher from your desktop or the start menu
  2. Click the Options button
  3. Select your desired resolution and click Save
  4. That's it! Click Play and enjoy the new resolution.

Changing the resolution (Method 2 - Harder)

  1. Go to your start menu, find Notepad, right click it and press Run as Administrator
  2. Click the File menu, then click Open
  3. Browse to the Conquer Gods Installation Directory, then enter the ini folder
    • If you are running 64 bit windows, this will likely be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Conquer Gods\ini\
    • If you are running 32 bit windows, this will likely be: C:\Program Files\Conquer Gods\ini\
  4. Right above the Open button, click the Text Documents dropdown and select All Files
  5. Locate the GameSetUp.ini file and click Open
  6. Change the Width and Height variables to your liking, make sure to always keep them in the same format
    • Example: Width=1920
  7. When you are done, click File menu, then click Save
  8. Start the game!