Changing Font Guide

A quick summary on how to change your font

Changing Font

To change the font, browse to the Conquer Gods Installation Directory, open the ini folder and locate the file Font.ini .

  • If you are running 64 bit windows, this will likely be: C:\Program Files (x86)\Conquer Gods\ini\
  • If you are running 32 bit windows, this will likely be: C:\Program Files\Conquer Gods\ini\

Open the Font.ini file where you can adjust the font type and font size. You can find the TrueType font file in the Font folder.

It is advised that if you change the font, that you use monospaced typefaces.
A list of examples of monospaced typefaces can be found below:

Typeface name Example 1 Example 2 Example 3
Andalé Mono
Andale Mono.svg Andale Mono sample.svg AndaleMono.svg
Consolas font.svg Consolas sample.svg ConsolasSP.svg
Courier font.svg Courier sample.svg Courier.svg
DejaVu Sans Mono DejaVu Sans Mono font.svg DejaVu Sans Mono sample.svg DejaVu Sans Mono.svg
Droid Sans Mono
Font-Sample-Droid-Sans-Mono.svg Font-Sample-Droid-Sans-Mono plainsvg.svg DroidSansMonoSpecimen.svg
Everson Mono
Everson-mono-font.png Everson-mono-sample.png Eversonmono.png
Fira Mono
Fira Mono font specimen.png
Fixed Fixed sample.png
Fixedsys Fixedsys font sample-withText Fixedsys.png Fixedsys Basic.png Fixedsysfontpreview.svg
HyperFont HyperFont sample.svg HyperFontSP.svg
IBM Plex Mono
IBM Plex Mono nameplate.svg IBM Plex Mono pangram.svg IBM Plex Mono sample.svg
Letter Gothic
Letter gothic nom.svg LetterGothic sample.svg LetterGothicSP.svg
Liberation Mono
Liberation Mono nameplate.svg Font Sample - Liberation Mono.svg
Lucida Console
Lucida Console font.svg Lucida Console sample.svg Lucidaconsole.png
Menlo nameplate sample.svg Menlo pangram sample.svg Menlo font.tiff
Monaco font.svg Monaco sample.svg MonacoSpecimen.svg
Monofur font.svg Monofur sample.svg MonofurSP.svg
Monospace (Unicode)
Nimbus Mono L Nimbus Mono Specimen.png
OCR-A OCR-A font.svg OCR-A sample.svg OCR-A SP.svg
OCR-B font.svg OCR-B sample.svg OCR-B SP.svg
Overpass Mono
Overpass Mono nameplate.svg Overpass Mono pangram.svg
PragmataPro name.svg PragmataPro sample.png Pragmata in use.png
Prestige Elite
Prestige Elite.png Prestige Elite sample.png PrestigeEliteSP.svg
ProFont.png ProFontSample.png ProFontSP.svg
PT Mono
Roboto Mono
Roboto Mono nameplate.svg Roboto Mono pangram.svg
Source Code Pro
Source Code Pro - Typeface name sample.svg Source Code Pro - sample.svg
Terminus Specimen.png
Tex Gyre Cursor TeX Gyre Cursor.svg
Trixie Trixie (typeface).svg Trixie sample.svg
UM Typewriter UMTypewriterSpecimen.svg