Game Rules

A quick summary of our Game Rules

Game Rules


  • No racism. You can be more creative than that.
  • No releasing real-life information or threats involving violence outside of the game world.
  • The main language used on World Chat is English. Please try and follow this rule or you may be temporarily muted.
  • No spamming of the public chats Talk, World and Trade. (Excessively repeating the same or similar phrases, incoherent text or gibberish, or repeating the same speech more than once in a short time)
  • No advertising of other (private)-servers or games.


Cheating is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: using, distributing, or promoting the use of bots, hacks, or other 3rd party programs that alter the game-play or provide functions not available in the official client.
Punishment may vary from being warned, botjailed for a certain period, removing all your items and resetting your level to 1 or even being banned.

Note: Auto Clickers are allowed in player-versus-environment (PVE) while not away-from-keyboard.

Selling and Buying Out Of Game

The selling and buying of accounts and / or items out of game for real life money or other compensation is not allowed.
If caught, all your accounts will be permanently banned.

Abuse of In-game Bugs or Exploits of Game Features

If you find a bug and / or exploit, please report it by sending an EMail to
Don't abuse / promote / advertise it, report it and you will be rewarded!