Archer Guide

Archers are swift characters capable of attacking enemies from afar with a bow and arrow.


Archers are swift characters capable of attacking enemies from afar with a bow and arrow.
Archers are capable of flying, shooting multiple targets, using magical defenses and reeping their enemies at range. Because of this they excel as hunters and power levelers.
Archers are a vital key to keeping commerce alive and helping level water Taoist and other characters.

Class Features

Archers have the following class features:

Weapons: Archers use the bow and arrow, making use of the terrain to leap away from targets and gradually bring them down with arrows.
Armor: Archer armor is light, so as not to hinder their movement. It pays not to get too close with an Archer, as they can be quickly overwhelmed in melee combat.
Styles: The Archer has several attack styles available to them. They can fire at multiple targets, concentrate on one target, or use magical arrows.
Special: The ability to "Fly" is the unique ability of the Archer. Archers who fly are immune to normal monster attacks and can fire without fear of being attacked.


Archers start out as Interns and don't graduate as a qualified Archer until level 15. All Archer promotions are given by the Archer God in the Job Center in Twin City. Different levels of profession have different requirements.

Level Items Required Promoted Title Promotion Award
15 None Archer Normal Deerskin Coat, Primary Fly
40 5 Euxenite Ores Eagle Archer Unique 1-Socketed Horn Bow
70 Emerald Tiger Archer Senior Fly, Arrow Rain
100 Meteor Dragon Archer Normal Rainbow Gem
110 Moon Box Archer Master Dragon Ball

At higher levels, special items are required to train. These are the demands of the trainer. Sometimes you will have to complete a special quest in order to gain these items.

Class Skills

As Archers level up, they will be able to learn the following skills:

Skill Name Skill Level Char Level Cost Per Shot Damage Effect Range Char Level for Upgrading
Scatter Elementary 23 2 arrows (arrow+bow)*50% Sector 32
1 32 2 arrows (arrow+bow)*55% Sector 48
2 48 2 arrows (arrow+bow)*60% Sector 54
3 54 3 arrows (arrow+bow)*65% Sector 66
4 66 3 arrows (arrow+bow)*68% Sector 72
5 72 3 arrows (arrow+bow)*72% Sector Fixed
RapidFire Elementary 46 Stamina, 2 arrows (arrow+bow)*150%, 2 shots at a time 56
1 56 Stamina, 2 arrows (arrow+bow)*180%, 3 shots at a time 68
2 68 Stamina, 3 arrows (arrow+bow)*210%, 4 shots at a time 78
3 78 Stamina, 3 arrows (arrow+bow)*240%, 5 shots at a time 88
4 88 Stamina, 4 arrows (arrow+bow)*270%, 6 shots at a time 98
5 98 Stamina, 5 arrows (arrow+bow)*300%, 7 shots at a time Fixed
Intensify Elementary 71 1 arrow (arrow+bow)*200% 83
1 83 1 arrow (arrow+bow)*250% 93
2 93 1 arrow (arrow+bow)*300% 104
3 104 1 arrow (arrow+bow)*350% Fixed
Fly (Senior) 1 70 Stamina, 2 arrows Fly for 40 seconds, dodge physical damage Fixed
Fly (Super) 1 100 Stamina, 2 arrows Fly for 60 seconds, dodge physical damage Fixed
Elementary Fly XP 15 Fly for 40 seconds, dodge physical damage Fixed
Arrow Rain XP 70 (arrow+bow)*100% Sector Fixed

XP Skills

As an Archer levels up, he/she will learn the following XP skills:

Skill Name Effects
Elementary Fly Fly for 40 seconds.
Arrow Rain Ranged attack, +100% damage.

How do I use the XP skills?
To use XP skills, you should wait until the XP circle has filled with gold color. When the XP circle has filled with gold color, the XP skill buttons will appear on the lower right corner of the game screen.
Click on one of them, and then right click on the target to release it.
The XP skill buttons will disappear after 20 seconds or more and reappear when the XP circle has filled with gold color again, so you had better try to make good use of the XP skills before they disappear.