Chat Interface Guide

Chat Interface

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1. Click on the Yrwbjxq icon. Choose from the list of names. Type your message. Press Enter.
2. Add / Remove Chat Target: Hold the shift key. Click on the target. You can place target names in the chat list by pressing the Gi 5 Yadi button.
Or click on Jechmro to add a name in the target bar. Next time you want to chat, just select them from the list.
3. Talk: Click on " Talk " to select a chat channel.

  • Talk: Nearby players receive message.
  • Whisper: Only target receives message.
  • Team: Only teammates receive message.
  • Friend: Only friends receive message.
  • Guild: Guild members receive message.
  • World: All players in the server can see the message.
  • Trade: This channel is reserved for all buying, selling and trading. (Market)

4. Select Target: There are four kinds of ways to target a player you wish to talk to:

  • Type their name in the box.
  • Hold down "Shift" and left-click them.
  • Hold down "Alt" and click on the msg.
  • Open chat target list and select them.

5. Clear: Click on this to clear screen.
6. Chat: Click on this button to set chat channels, filters, chat log, text color and black list.