Combat Guide


To survive in the ConquerGods world, you will have to fight many monsters (and players!).

You will obtain experience (EXP) every time that you damage an monster, and also when you or a teammate kills a monster.
Sometimes after you kill the monsters, they may drop some money/items, pick them up because they are your main sources for money at early stages. If a player is killed, he/she may drop items or money, too.
Move your cursor to the item/money on the ground, when it becomes a Hand, click on the item/money and you will walk over and pick it up then it will be in your inventory.

Colouring system

Before fighting the monster, please pay attention to the monster's name. Four colors have different meanings:

  • Green indicates this monster is weaker than you.
  • White means this monster is equally matched with you.
  • Red means this monster is stronger than you.
  • Black means this monster is much stronger than you.

The stronger the monster, the more experience (EXP) you will gain, but be careful not to be killed by them. Each attack will give you some experience (EXP). When your experience bar is full, you will level up.

Fighting in teams will allow more experience (EXP) to be shared, and makes fighting tougher monsters easier to kill, thus giving you and your teammates more experience (EXP).