Compose Items Guide

Composing Items

Composing makes your equipment stronger, more powerful. After composition, you will do more damage while reducing damage done to you from other players.
To upgrade the + level of an item, you will need to compose items.

How to Compose:

1. Prepare +1 items (they are dropped by the monsters).
2. Find NPC ArtisanRow (Market 179,198). Click on him and the compose window will pop out. Drag the + items to the window as the rules stated. Click on OK to finish composing.

What will the + items award to your characters:

  • Weapons: Physical Damages, Hit Rate;
  • Bows: Physical Damages;
  • Backswords: Magical Damages;
  • Warrior Helmets/Archer Hats/Trojan Coronets: Physical Defense;
  • Tao Caps: Magical Defense;
  • Earrings: Magical Defense;
  • Necklaces: Physical Defense, HP;
  • Bags: Magical Defense, HP;
  • Rings: Physical Damages;
  • Heavy Rings: Physical Damages;
  • Bracelets: Magical Damages;
  • Armors: Magical/Physical Defense;
  • Boots: Physical Dodge
  • Shields: Physical Defense.

Composing Rules

1. At least one main item and two minor items are needed to compose a new item. The type of main item and minor items should be consistent, e.g. weapons can only be composed with weapons while armors can only be composed with armors of the same class. Weapons include short and long weapons, backswords and bows. Equipment has its category, such as hat, earring, boots, armors, rings and so on.
2. The bonus level of minor items should not be lower than main item and the quality of the minor items should not be higher than the main item.
3. If you want to compose an item which has bonus level +6 or more, two gems are needed for a weapon, only one gem is required for an item other than weapons (Gems of any rate).
4. After successful composition, the bonus level of new item will be added by one. The equipment with +9 can't continue being composed. Equipment without bonus level only acts as main item, it can't be the minor item.
5. You can always compose new items successfully.

Composing Examples

You have an Unique Sword. You want to increase the physical damage and hit rate of this weapon.
Put your weapon into the composing menu and add two other +1 weapons. This will make your Unique Sword +1.
To upgrade it to +2, again add two +1 weapons. This will make your Unique Sword +2.
To upgrade it to +3, add two +2 weapons. This will make your Unique Sword +3.
To upgrade it to +4, add two +3 weapons.. etc.