Customization Guide


There are several ways to personalize your character in ConquerGods. All of these can be done in-game after your character has been created. You can individualize your character to fit your play style.
There may be more choices for you in the near future. You can also customize your character by equipping cool armors and weapons, leveling up your character and skills, etc.
You can always find the best way to make your character second to none!

Changing Hairstyles

Getting a little shaggy? Take a trip to the Barber in Twin City (412,376), and she will charge you 500 Silver to give you a brand new hairstyle! You can pay her once, and she will let you try out the different styles until you find the one you like.

Dying Hairstyles

Dislike the color of your hairstyle? Why not buy a bottle of hair dye from Storekeeper at the price of 200 silver? There are 7 kinds of hair dyes in her store. After you buy one, just right click on the hair dye to have your hair dyed.

Dying Armor

Want to change the color of your armor? The Shopboy is waiting for you in Twin City (424,350). The admission fee is a meteor.
Before you pay the Shopboy a meteor, remember to take the armors you want to dye with you. After you enter the shop, equip the armors you want to dye and ask Tinter to have your armors dyed.
You can try all colors until you feel satisfied at no extra charge. You can have the following items dyed.

Changing Avatar

Find Beautician in Twin City (457,332). He has many cool avatars for sale. Look carefully, you will find one you like best. Each costs only 500 silver. They are so cheap that you can afford to change your avatar from time to time.

Changing Name

If you are not fond of your current name, you can speak to Judge Zai in Market (199,212). Pay 5 Dragon Balls, and you will get a brand new name!

Changing Body Size & Gender

If you want to change your character's body size to small/big and gender to male/female, you can find Surgeon Mosser in Market (202,212).
He will charge you a 2 Dragon Balls to change your body size and 5 Dragon Balls to change your Gender.