Dis City Guide

Dis City

In the decisive battle between human and demons hundreds of years ago, Ultimate Pluto, the leader of the demons, was beaten by the forces of humanity.
However, he escaped and swore an oath to eternally seek vengeance upon those who had disrupted his plans.
Now, the Solar Saint is aware that Ultimate Pluto has come back. The demon currently resides in Dis City, a black mark upon the earth.

Time: Monday & Wednesday @ 20:00 - Tuesday & Thursday @ 12:00 - Saturday @ 00:00
Requirements: Level 110
NPC: Solar Saint (532,480 in Ape City)


Rewards for completing Stages
Stage 1: 2 EXP Balls, 10% chance to get a Clean Water
Stage 2: 4 EXP Balls, 15% chance to get a Clean Water, Lucky Amulet
Stage 3: 5 EXP Balls, 20% chance to get a Clean Water, chance for Night Devil to drop
Final Stage: 8 EXP Balls, Dark Horn: Black Tulip, Clean Water, Event Points, 20% for a special garment (not yet added)
Note: You do not actually get the EXP Balls, just the experience it's worth.


  • Talk to the Solar Saint in Ape City, and choose a difficult level to join the battle in the Dis City.

  • You need to find specific ways to break through the Hell Gate, Hell Hall, Hell Cloister, and the Battle Formation.

  • Collect 5 Soul Stones by killing the monsters outside the city, so you can pass through the Hell Gate and enter the Hell Hall.
    Note: Only 60 players can advance to the second stage!

  • Collect Slayer Points by killing the demons in the Hell Hall, and you can move forward to the Hell Cloister.
    Slayer Points requirements differ per class. Trojan (800), Warrior (900), Archer (1300), Fire Taoist (1000) and Water Taoist (600).
    Note: Only 30 players can advance to the third stage (15 players per flank)!

  • Kill all the Hell Wraith guarding the 9 Hell Crystals in proper order, so you can advance towards the Battle Formation.

  • Once you reached the final stage, you and all the other players must go and kill Syrens, which are very powerful monsters. After all the Syrens are killed, Ultimate Pluto will emerge. Defeat the final boss to claim the ultimate victory!
    Note: This is a PK Free Map!