Friend Interface Guide

Friend Interface

Click on this button to open the friend window, click on 'X' in the upper right hand corner to close this interface.

Friend Window

Open the Friend window. Click on "Make Friends", then click on another player. A request will be sent to the other player.
If he or she accepts the friendship, their name will appear in your friend list.

  • Friend List: Shows players friends.
  • Enemy List: Shows players enemies.
  • Status Window: Click on the name of a friend/enemy to see his/her status.
  • Delete: Select name, then click delete.


If your friend is online, his/her name will be white. If he/she is offline, his/her name will be red.
If your friend/enemy is online, his/her portrait will be shown on the top box of status window, it will disappear once he/she is offline.

Offline Message

If your friend is off-line, you can leave them an offline message. They will see it the next time they login to Conquer.
Simply double-click on his or her name on the friend list, then write your message into the box provided and click on the "Send" button.