Guild War Guide

Guild War

Guild War is a war that settles all scores. You will be able to stand side-by-side with your guild-mates to confront the challenge from opponent guilds.

Time: Saturday 3PM - 7PM EST
Rewards: Control over NPC Guild Conductress, Dragon Ball & 2 CleanWaters (Guild Beast), Guild Statue.

Additional information:


  • Enter the Guild Area. Ask the Guild Controller (350,337 Twin City) to teleport you to the Guild Area. Head across the bridge and you can reach the fortress that houses the Guild Pole (90,100).

  • No one can attack the pole, except during a Guild War. When it is time for the war, you must hold the Ctrl key and click the pole to start attacking it.

  • The pole has very high HP and Magic Defense. The majority of damage will be delivered by the stronger Warriors and Trojans, while Fire Taoists and Archers battle off the defenders and Water Taoists revive fallen guild members.

  • During the war, the damage all guilds inflict on the pole will be recorded. When the pole is knocked down, the guild that dealt the most damage to the pole will dominate the Guild Area, and the guild's name will appear on the pole.

  • After a guild seizes the Guild Area, the pole and the gate will be rebuilt, and the damage record will be cleared.

  • If the war is still going on, the other guilds can continue to attack the pole, and the final holder of the pole will be declared the winner, and seize control of the Guild Area.

  • During the war, the ghosts of fallen fighters will be teleported to a holding area, instead of Twin City, if they click on Revive. They can only leave the jail every half hour (i.e. 20:00, 20:30, 21:00, 21:30).
    Water Taoists may cast Revive or use the Pray spell to revive ghosts. Ghosts may stay to watch the war, before they get revived.

  • You will gain some money from attacking the pole, unless the holder has run out of Guild Funds. If the holder's guild fund reaches 0, the pole will receive 10s the normal damage.
    If a guild knocks down the pole, it will get an extra 10% of the former holder's Guild Fund!

  • Guild Funds come from the members' donations. A member's contribution can help reduce the Experience Points lost, when they are PKed. Every 100 Experience Points saved will subtract 1 Silver from the Guild Fund.

Guild Beasts

Winning Guild can spend 500,000 Guild Funds to summon Beast Guard and her beast.
Beast Guard spawns a Guild Beast which has high defense at 21:00 every day. Everybody can fight it. Once you kill it before 22:00, you'll get a Dragon Ball. It drops only one Dragon Ball a day.
If nobody kills Guild Beast until 22:00, the Guild Leader or Deputy Leader who has won the Guild War can get a Dragon Ball from Beast Guard. First come, first served.
Note: Beware that you must claim the Dragon Ball before 24:00, otherwise you'll lose the opportunity.

Guild Statue

The Leader, Deputy Leaders and Branch Managers of a Guild can all build their statues in the Guild Area.

Find NPC Guild Controller (Twin City 350,337) and buy a Statue Scroll at a price of 50,000 Silver from her.
Talk with the NPC Guild Controller again and she'll teleport you to the Guild Area. Go to the center of the Guild square, stand in front of the dado for Statue.
Right click on the Statue Scroll, then Statue window will show on the left side. According to the prompt select a pose that you like and click on the OK button.
Now your statue appears before you.

Note: If the Statue is attacked, it's durability will drop down. So long as the durability falls to zero, the Statue will disappear.