Hateful Token Guide

Hateful Token

Hateful Tokens can be obtained as a side quest when completing the Second Rebirth quest. (https://wiki.conquergods.com/guides/secondrebirth)

NPCs: Carl (Second Rebirth map 369,309), Leah (Ape City 530,514)
Level Requirements: First Reborn 120+
Rewards: Experience (worth 1 EXP Ball)


1. Collect 1 Red Pistil, 1 Red Stalk and 6 Red Petals which you can turn it into a Red Flower.
2. Collect 1 White Pistil, 1 White Stalk and 6 White Petals which you can turn into a White Flower.
3. Once you have both Red and White Flower, visit NPC Carl in the Second Rebirth Map at 369,309. He will give you a Hateful Token in return.
4. Visit NPC Leah in Ape City at 530,514. She will give you Experience (worth 1 EXP Ball) for the Hateful Token.