PK Interface Guide

PK Interface

There are four PK modes: PK, Peace, Team and Capture. Click on PK/peace/Team/Capture button to select PK modes. After you can select one of them, the words written on the button will be changed, too.


For example, if you select peace as your PK modes, then the button between friend and guild button will be changed into 'peace' button.

  • PK - Slay mobs, PK teammates and other fellow players as freely as you like.
  • Team - Slay mobs and PK other fellow players, but your teammates are excepted.
  • Peace - Slay mobs only. Other fellow players and teammates are excepted.
  • Capture - Slay mobs, PK the fellow players in blue or black name.

PK Points

Once you kill a player, your PK Points will be increased by 10 points, but 1 PK Point will be decreased for every 6 minutes in game.
The color of a player's name varies with the PK Points.

  • White Name - PK Points under 30.
  • Red Name - PK Points 30-100.
  • Black Name - PK Points 100+.


  • White Name - Drop the carried items.
  • Red Name - Drop the carried and equipped items.
  • Black Name - Drop the carried and equipped items. Get killed by the Patrol or Guard while passing by him. Be put into the jail after getting killed by fellow players or Patrol or Guard.