Praimfaya (Battle Royale)

Praimfaya Guide

Battle Royale makes it's way to ConquerGods! Are you ready to survive, explore, scavenge and kill your way to the first place?

Time: Monday & Wednesday @ 12:00 - Tuesday & Thursday 20:00
Requirements: Level 1 and higher
NPC: Praimfaya Event (350,348 in Twin City) (Next to GuildController)

Rewards: 6 EXP Balls worth of experience, 15 Million Gold, 100 Event Points (Winner takes all!)
Note: You do not actually get the EXP Balls, just the experience it's worth.


Praimfaya is an event where survival, exploration, scavenging and killing introduces a last-man-standing situation.
Players are teleported to a new map with various bases, weapons, items, potions and treasures spread across the map.
You start as a new character with a few specific skills. You can pick up items and destroy chests to get better items.

A red circle on the mini-map indicates the fire that will close in on your position so keep moving and make sure to watch out for other players near you!
With the winner being the last competitor, he or she will claim all the rewards.