Reclaim The Royal Treasures Quest

A complete walkthrough of the Reclaim the Royal Treasures Quest, usually known as Blue Mouse Quest.


  1. Find General Judd in Twin City (396,233).
  2. Find the Old Miner near the Phoenix Castle mine (907,546).
  3. Depending on what type of normal gem you give the Old Miner, he will in turn give you a needle.

Silver Needle
A silver needle can be used on the blue mouse to gain an Aster Necklace or a Pinetum Picture.
It can be traded for Dragon, Phoenix, Kylin and Rainbow gems.

Gold Needle
Using the golden needle on the blue mouse will always give you a Royal Sword or a low chance of Secret Command. But can also give you Aster Necklace or Pinetum Picture aswell.
It can be traded for Fury, Moon or Violet gems.

  • Do not drop the Needle as it will disappear!
  1. Enter the Phoenix Castle mine and find the Blue Mouse.
  • Blue Mouse spawns on the left side of the mine floor.
  • It can spawn on any of the 14 different floors excluding the original first floor.
  • The best way to find the Blue Mouse is to have someone else be on the opposite side of the mine.
  • Blue Mouse has a very high chance to run away when you click on it.
  • You can sometimes catch the Blue Mouse twice in quick succession.
  1. After you have gotten any of General Judd's items, go back to General Judd in Twin City (396,233) to get your rewards.


Rewards depend on what type of item you get from catching the Blue Mouse.

  • Aster Necklace1 meteor
  • Pinetum Picture1 meteor
  • Royal Sword5 meteors
  • Secret Command10 meteors
  • Aster Necklace and Pinetum Picture2 meteors
  • Royal Sword and Pinetum Picture6 meteors
  • Royal Sword, Aster Necklace and Pinetum Picture9 meteors