Sky Pass Quest

The path to the sky is beset with dangers and peril, but falling down to the earth is the least of your worries! Monsters inhabit each level, which you must defeat in order to enter the next level!

Sky Pass

There are 5 floors in the Sky Pass, with level 78, level 88, level 98, level 108 and level 118 monsters guarding each pass for players under level 80, between level 80 and 100, between level 90 and 110, above level 100 and above level 110 respectively to challenge.
In every pass, the monsters in the first four floors are almost the same, and may be sent to the next floor without fighting; but the monsters in the fifth floors are stronger and a battle is unavoidable.

NPCs: Daniel (Dreamland 155,166), God Cloud (Dreamland 82,187)
Rewards: Box 1: 4 Meteors. Box 2: 10 Meteors, 4 Meteors, 1,000 Silvers or 10,000 Silvers.
Level Requirements:

  • Under Level 80;
  • Lev 80 - Level 100
  • Lev 90 - Level 110
  • Above Level 100
  • Above Level 110


1. Talk to NPC Daniel (155,166) in the Sky City, he will introduce the Sky Pass to you and teleport you in. Then you will find 5 monster-like NPCs. Talk to a suitable NPC, he will teleport you directly to the next floor or to the battle stage, where you must fight for a Pass Token and then be sent back and start again. The first four floors work in this way.
2. In the last floor, you are unavoidably sent to the battle stage. After you obtain a token, the guard will send you directly to claim the prize or back to the fifth floor again.
3. Finally, find God Cloud (82,187) all the way up. He will give to two choices: Box 1 and Box 2. There are 4 Meteors in Box 1. While in Box 2, you may get 10 Meteors, 4 Meteors, 1,000 Silvers or 10,000 Silvers. It is very important that you must prepare enough space in your inventory, for the NPC won't remind you of it, he will send you out as soon as you claim the prize.

Note: Your position is not recorded in the Sky Pass. If you are disconnected or revived, you will be sent to Ape Mountain.