Status Interface Guide

Status Interface

Click on status button to see your character's information, including basic data, equipment and weapon proficiency. There are four tabs on the side of the Status window, each of which opens a display of different character data.

Basic Status: Character's numerical data

  • Job: Your profession (Class).
  • PK Points: Killing players increases this. But it will decrease slowly over time.
  • Spouse: Your wife's / husband's name.
  • Guild: Shows your guild name.
  • Position: Your rank within the guild.
  • Strength: Determines attack damage. Weapons have strength requirements.
  • Agility: Determines attack accuracy. Weapons have agility requirements.
  • Vitality: Determines hit points. The higher it is, the tougher you are.
  • Spirit: Determines magic strength. The higher it is, the more powerful spells are.

There are additional statistics that can be viewed by clicking on "Details".

  • Attack: Physical attack damage.
  • Defense: Physical attack defense.
  • M-Attack: Magic attack damage.
  • M-Defense: Magic attack defense.


The second tab displays everything your character is wearing -that is, all the items you have equipped.

  • Equip: Drag items from pack to the equip slot or right-click items in pack.
  • Un-equip: Double-click on the item you want to put into your backpack.


In the Skill tab, you can see the weapons that you have trained in, and how good you are at using them.
There are three categories of weapon: One-handed, Two-handed, and Other, displaying specific weapons you have used under those three categories.

  • Type & Level: Click on the weapon icon to display the skill details. You can see the skill name and the level you have with that weapon.
  • Experience: It shows the percentage of experience points you've acquired towards the next level with the weapon.
  • Improve: Proficiency can be improved after char level fulfils this prerequisite.

Spells & Skills

The fourth tab opens the Skill window.

Click on the icon of a skill. In the space above, you will see the skill name, your skill level and experience needed to progress to the next level of skill.
You can find three buttons: Skill, Magic and XP, displaying specific skills you have learned under those three categories.
The details of each skill is other identical to any weapon skill your character might have.