Training Ground Guide

Training Ground

If you are level 20 or above, you may level up at the training grounds. Here you'll obtain experience (EXP) by attacking stakes or dummies automatically.
It doesn't cost any durability, life and mana. It must be pointed out that although nothing will be of cost here, you can't level up as quickly as fast as slaying the monsters.

It is free for those who belong to the guild which has occupied the guild map, while 1000 silver for others once.

There are Training Ground teleporter NPC's named "Boxers" in Twin City, Phoenix Castle, Desert City, Ape Mountain and Bird Island.

City Name Coordinates
Twin City Boxer 351,334
Phoenix Castle Boxer Li 208,257
Desert City Boxer Zhang 483,630
Bird Island Boxer Zhao 715,563
Ape Mountain Boxer Wang 552, 559