Warrior Guide

The Warrior is a rough and ready melee combat class.


The Warrior is a rough and ready melee combat class. They are adept in the use of all kinds of weapons and don the heaviest armors of any class.
In addition they can employ a shield for additional defense.

Class Features

Warriors have the following class features:

Weapons: Warriors can use any weapon they want, and train in any combat style with those weapons. The only exception to this is the backsword and bow.
Armor: Warrior armor is the heaviest, strongest armor of all. When wearing the right armor, a Warrior can soak a lot of damage, allowing him extra time in close combat to pummel his enemies.
Shields: The Warrior is the only class that can use a shield. Shields grant a bonus to defense, reducing the amount of hits and damage you take.
Special: The "Superman" XP Skill is unique, possessed only by the Warrior. When activated it causes the Warriors attack to be amplified ten times, causing grevious damage to enemies for the duration of the skill.


Warriors start out as Interns and don't graduate as a qualified Warrior until level 15. All Warrior promotions are given by the Warrior God in the Job Center in Twin City. Different levels of profession have different requirements.

Level Items Required Promoted Title Promotion Award
15 None Warrior Learn XP Skills
40 None Brass Warrior Normal Soft Shield, can equip Shield
70 Emerald Silver Warrior Normal Light Armor
100 Meteor Gold Warrior Normal Rainbow Gem
110 Moon Box Warrior Master Dragon Ball

At higher levels, special items are required to train. These are the demands of the trainer. Sometimes you will have to complete a special quest in order to gain these items.

Class Skills

As Warriors level up, they will be able to learn the following skills:

Skill Name Skill Level Cost Skill Exp. Required Effects Char Level Required
Accuracy Fixed XP Fixed Triple hit 15
Shield Fixed XP Fixed Triple defense 15
Superman Fixed XP Fixed Decuple physical damage; double damage when PKing 15
Roar Fixed XP Fixed +20 XP to teammates within the same screen 15
Dash Fixed Shield Durability Fixed Knock back and attack the target 63
Flying Moon 0 XP 50 +480 magic attack 40
Flying Moon 1 XP 100 +1950 magic attack 70
Flying Moon 2 XP Fixed +5890 magic attack 100

Where can I learn the spells above?
1. Flying Moon
At level, 40 Warriors can go to the Market and Purchase Flying Moon from the Pharmacist, Flying Moon costs 100,000 Silver.

2. All Other Warrior Specific Skills
Find the Warrior God in the Job Center, if you meet the requirements for each skill, the Warrior God will teach them to you.

XP Skills

As a Warrior levels up, he/she will learn the following XP skills:

Skill Name Effects
Accuracy Hit accuracy tripled for a long period.
Superman Damage decupled for a short period.
Shield Defense tripled a long period.
Roar Increase XP points for all teammates nearby.
Flying Moon Powerful magic attack.

How do I use the XP skills?
To use XP skills, you should wait until the XP circle has filled with gold color. When the XP circle has filled with gold color, the XP skill buttons will appear on the lower right corner of the game screen.
Click on one of them, and then right click on the target to release it.
The XP skill buttons will disappear after 20 seconds or more and reappear when the XP circle has filled with gold color again, so you had better try to make good use of the XP skills before they disappear.